Now Serving: Cooks & Looks.

It might be the AMAZING dinner I just made or the fact that today I realized I have 76 days until I walk across the stage in the Hearnes Center and say goodbye to Mizzou…either way I have decided to reboot my blog. Last semester, I detailed my various grievances with the world in what I believe to be snarky the very humorous posts while also sampling different cocktails, wine and beers. This semester, I will continue with my commentaries but this time, I will share my favorite or failed recipes that I’ve been whipping up in the kitchen. I am so excited to share with you (the vast void of the internet) the yummy foods I’ve been trying and I’m sure all my social media followers will be happy I am no longer spamming them with photos of all three of my meals. (sorry guys).

So with that, welcome to the latest edition to my blog, I hope you enjoy all the cooks and looks that I serve up for the rest of this semester, Au Revoir!