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February 27, 2018

It might be the AMAZING dinner I just made or the fact that today I realized I have 76 days until I walk across the stage in the Hearnes Center and say goodbye to Mizzou..either way I have decided to reboot my blog to continue exercising my writing skills in the hopes that this will help me actually get a job. (Or is this just another way for me to avoid actually applying for said jobs…the world will never know).

Last semester, I detailed my various grievances with the world in what I believe to be snarky yet very humorous posts while also sampling different cocktails, wines and beers. This semester, I will continue with my commentaries but this time, I will share my favorite recipes that I’ve been whipping up in the kitchen. I am so excited to share with you (the vast, deep void of the internet) the delicious foods I’ve been trying to make. And I’m sure all my social media followers will be equally happy that I am no longer spamming them with photos of all of my meals every week. (sorry guys)

So with that, welcome to my latest blog series! I hope you enjoy all the cooks and looks that I serve up for the rest of this semester, Au Revoir!

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March 4, 2018

I realized after a conversation with my loving and supporting mother, who has already read my first post, that I might need to define a part of my title for the “older than millennial crowd” -her words, not mine.

According to the ever reputable Urban Dictionary: 1. Serving looks means looking good or, 2. Giving someone a dirty look. For example:



My interpretation of this saying will be a bit more conceptual and not necessarily just about physical appearance. With this new blog, I will both praise and rebuke whatever is happening at that given time. This is an attempt to be more positive, I promise -but sometimes you just can’t let things go so be prepared for more angst-ridden arguments.


March 9, 2018

With yesterday being #InternationalWomensDay, although in my world every day is women’s day, I thought wanted to take some time to highlight some of the most inspiring women in our world today. These women come from different back rounds, different places and have different missions but they are all fighting the good fight and influencing so many people, myself included.

Starting off with one of the one and only Michelle Obama (and my birthday buddy-January 17th) She is a lawyer, writer, activist, philanthropist and former First Lady of the United States. She graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law School. She has focused on fighting childhood obesity and works tirelessly to promote female empowerment and education.
Sheryl Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and founder of which focuses on women in leadership roles in businesses and politics and feminism. She is the first woman to serve on Facebook’s board of directors.
Day Eight: The Championships - Wimbledon 2015
Serena Williams has been ranked #1 in singles on eight separate occasions over the past 15 years by the Women’s Tennis Association. She holds 23 Grand Slam titles, the record for the most Grand Slam wins by a tennis player in the Open Era. She has been referred to as “the greatest female tennis player of all time” -it should just be one of the greatest tennis plays of all time…just sayin’. I saw this video the other day and it gave me goosbumbs. She is too cool.
Emma Watson is a British actress, model and activist. In 2014, she was named British Artist of the Year by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. That same year, she was appointed as a UN Women Goodwill ambassador and helped launch the UN Women campaign HeForShe, which calls for men to advocate gender equality. If I could be friends with anyone, it would be Emma. Hermione Granger was my first girl crush and role model growing up.
Elected in 2016, Ilhan Omar became the first Somali-American Muslim person to become a legislator. She serves in the great state of Minnesota! (Very proud of home state) She is the Director of Policy and Initiatives of the Women Organizing Women Network. She supports a $15 per hour minimum wage and scholastic affordability.
Tory Burch is an American fashion designer, businesswoman, and philanthropist. Before starting her own label she worked for huge industry brands like Zoran, Vera Wang, Polo Ralph Lauren and also Haper’ s Bazaar magazine. She is the Chairman, CEO, and Designer of Tory Burch LLC. In 2015, she was listed as the 73rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where she became a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority (TLAM sister).

All of these women are kicking a** in their respective fields and inspiring so many future female leaders while doing so. They are serving up some major life-inspiring looks in the face of adversity and doubt and continue to persevere and pursue their passions and I am here for it.


March 16, 2018



Raspberry, cashew, avocado, turkey bacon and kale salad.
My Sweet Green imitation. Roasted Veggies, Sweet Potato on a spinach and kale salad
Breakfast of champions: Avocado toast on Ezekial bread with turkey bacon, an over-easy egg and parmesan cheese and Chula hot sauce. A side of pink navel oranges for good ole’ Vitamin C.