Unpacking the “Pink Tax”

Published on Dec. 1, 2016

For the fifth and final story, my team and I took on producing a consumer explainer piece about the differentiation in prices between comparable men’s and women’s products. This price difference has become known as the “pink tax” and has been covered largely as a type of gender discrimination. Our vision was to find out more, to go beyond the obvious inequality and figure out where this gap comes from. We spoke with marketing and sales experts and also obtained the perspective of consumers and businesses in Columbia, Missouri. We also spoke with an economist who believes there is much more to the issue than just blatant sexism.

text piece

Infographic- Piktochart

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For this story we made two PowToon animated videos for both our social element and for one of our infographics.

“Why are there price differences for similar men’s and women’s products? Price differentials can cost women major money over time. Visit KBIA.org for the full story.”


What makes women’s products more expensive?

Some women may know that they have to pay more out of pocket than men for basic items like soap and razors. But where does the price difference come from? Check out the infographic video below on how distributors can play a role in the process.





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