Senior year of high school my mom and I took a trip to Thessaloniki, Greece to work with the A21 Campaign which works to end modern day slavery and human trafficking in society. Ever since, I have been extremely interested in this issue. Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world. This issue is prevalent in many cities however, it does not manifest itself in the same way in every country. In most countries prostitution is illegal and that leads to easier regulation of sex trafficking. However, there are some cities and countries in which this is not the case. One of those in particular is Amsterdam, home of the well-known Red Light District- or Rosseburrt as locals know it.

Amsterdam, Holland

There are many amazing things to do and see in Amsterdam and I fully plan on exploring all of those destinations as well. But, I am interested in visiting the infamous strip of nightclubs, brothels and sex shops. In Holland, prostitution is legal. This means that because it is a legal profession, the government ensures that all prostitutes are able to access medical care and work in better conditions by regulating and monitoring working practices and standards.

Since October 2000, window prostitutes have been legally allowed to ply their trade with ought fear of being arrested and are active taxpayers in society. However, many still face discrimination from banks that refuse to give them mortgages and loans. Even more noteworthy is the fact that while many people think the Red Light District is this crime ridden, sinful place it is actually said to be the safest area in Amsterdam because numerous policemen and private bodyguards are employed by the women to always be on duty.

Although taking pictures and videos in the actual rooms is not allowed, many travel blogs have conducted walking tours of the street.

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