Budapest? Buda-YES!

When talking with a friend after she got back from spending a semester in Brussels, Belgium, the first thing I asked was, “Please tell me the waffles are as good as I imagine them to be?!” (This was very important for me to know.)

The second thing I asked her was, “Where do I have to go?”.

Even as a young freshman I was already planning the adventures I would take this next semester. I expected her to say Paris or Rome or another city that has been the setting of a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie. Her answer however, surprised me. She looked at me and said a single word, Budapest.

Besides singing along to the George Ezera song, I had really never heard of Budapest or the country of Hungary and I certainly never planned on going there. But I trusted this friend’s advice and if she said I had to make it a priority, I would.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a city divided by the Danube River. The river created two very different sections of the city. The left bank, which is very hilly, is called Buda. And the right bank is flat and plain and called Pest. There are also three additional islands located on the Danube within Budapest- the Csepel, Margaret and Óbudai Islands.

Budapest is also the only capital city in the world that has thermal springs. These roughly 125 springs produce over 70 liters of thermal water a day, some even have medicinal effects due to the natural minerals found in them. These springs have created numerous caves under the hills on the Buda side of the city.

Because of the interest in not only land tours but also cruises down the Danube, the city of Budapest has decided to kill two birds with one stone by offering a new RiverRide city tour. This “amphibious coach” takes people right from checking out the beautiful architecture on land, to exploring the Danube with one a big splash. Personally, I think this is the greatest idea ever, but my favorite movie when I was little was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang so I’ve been waiting to experience something like this for awhile.

You can’t deny, it looks pretty cool.

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For more information click here.

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