The Countdown Begins

Two days ago I found out I will spending my spring semester in Barcelona, Spain. This opportunity will fulfill a life-long dream of mine to study abroad. After I opened the email I immediately started looking up travel sites and blogs on Spain and the rest of Europe. I have already compiled a list of 23 different cities or counties that I want to travel to during my time abroad! Some people might see this as excessive, but planning this next semester really is my favorite form of stress relief, and stress is on abundant supply right now.

So I have decided to continue my research through this blog. Whether it be sharing the recommendations for where to get the best tapas in Spain or the history of a medieval Italian village, I hope that by learning and sharing about these amazing places I can finalize my own travel itinerary.

So the countdown begins: 113 days until arrival in Spain.

It only seemed fitting then, to do my first profile on the city that I will call home for five months.

Barcelona, Spain

It would be easy to list off all of the things to do and see in Barcelona- actually it would probably be very hard because there is so much- but I think the best way to understand the vast amount this city has to offer, is to actually see it.

This video highlights the main aspects of Barcelona, from the Mediterranean coast to the FC Barcelona stadium and everything in-between. One place that caught my eye was the massively beautiful cathedral that was featured right at the beginning. Surprisingly enough, I had never seen it before.

La Sagrada Família was started in 1882 and was designed by Antoni Gaudí. Tragically, Gaudí died in a tram accident in 1926, and the cathedral remained only partially finished. It was only 65% complete, but builders took on the task in 2013 to finally finish it. They have vowed to be done by 2026; it only took 150 years but Gaudí’s masterpiece will finally be realized. What I find most amazing is that even though it is unfinished, it is one of the most beautiful and grand cathedrals I have ever seen. La Sagrada Família has been a landmark in Barcelona since it’s foundations were laid.

It’s beauty and history made it a top priority on my must-see list.

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